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Free puss no registration

Generally, I try to convince people that insects are harmless, and for the vast majority of species, this is true.

But the stakes are fairly high for negative reactions from caterpillar petting, if you don't know exactly what kind of fuzzy caterpillar you are looking at.

making news this week, so I thought I'd dispense some professional entomological advice: if it looks like The Donald's hair, leave it alone.

Several different caterpillar species look like escapees from Trump's noggin, and nearly all of them have urticating hairs.

While Schmidt hasn't systematically studied caterpillars, he did say the pain of a caterpillar sting lasted longer than the pain of most wasp or bee stings. Donald Hall, a medical entomologist from the University of Florida, who has experience working with these caterpillars.

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