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She set up her web cam and did some video chatting as well. She probably knew more than me what he was into, after all she had been chatting with him for a couple of weeks now.“Yea, this is what you wanted, right? If we went through with this he was going to be the Alpha Male. I noticed her browsing cuckold sites while she was chatting with him. I checked her browser history while she was at work and she was reading the hot mother and cuck stories from Literotica. His large hands rubbed her back and moved their way down to her ass. I was starting to feel uncomfortable so I grabbed the ice bucket and the key card and went to grab some ice. ”, Darin asked.“What ever they want.”, she replied.“Hell, I'm in.

During one of their chats, mother asked me if we wanted to meet Darin this weekend for some motel fun. She was wanting his big dick, and he was wanting to fuck my mother's little pussy. Wow, he was giving her quite an education in cuck domination. He cupped an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her tight against his body – groin to groin. I wondered if she could feel his cock through his jeans. When I came back in they were hanging out on the bed together just talking. Those are good odds.”, he replied.mother grabbed the ironing board off the wall for a makeshift table.

His cock was fuller now not quite hard but he was certainly getting excited.

His mouth was still on hers, tongues dancing with each other.

Damn, she was sucking his cock and I was watching...

Ok, odds were that I wouldn't lose the next hand – wrong!

mother grabbed the camera, “Not too fast, I want a pic.” Darin chuckled again...

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