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Whether we like it or not, free-range vaginas still evoke a lot more shock and horror than we believe. The way the app is utilised depends solely on what both matches want out of it.

A lot of my friends have found their boyfriends on Tinder and we’ve all heard of Tinder marriages!

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They are free to use Tinder to cater to either or both.

If You looking for casual dates, serious relationships, flings, hookups and sometimes just free sex in Delhi then you need a reliable, trustworthy and mature person like me.

They’d convince a woman to sleep with them as easily as they convinced Mummy and cricketers. The truth is that Tinder does not entitle men to casual sex.

Tinder is not a magic wand for a woman to worship a man’s wand. Tinder’s first ad in India, launched a few weeks ago, showed a mother cheerfully sending off her philistine daughter to an afternoon Tinder date.

It brought lotion, tissues and the left hand back in vogue. It debunked the double standard that by having sex, men get something but women give up something. In fact, they’re so easily excited by casual sex, or even a whiff of it, that they flaunt it as a badge of honour.

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