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Then we got on the bed, and–well, we did it.”“Did he feel good? ” I asked as fluid began oozing from my prick, smearing Annie’s palm.“It I had to choose, I’d say his thickness. “He said I was fantastic, one of the best lays of his life.” Once more she studied my face.It was nice feeling so filled.”“His cock has touched you where mine never will,” I said, unable to keep a hint of jealousy out of my voice. “He wants me to come to work for him.”With another low guttural moan I came again. I thought I’d save a few details for later.”“Well, I think we should head for home,” I said.

Free teen sexchat for my mobile

Her eyes never left mine until she slid into the chair next to me.

She was breathing deeply, and her hand instantly grasped mine.“So,” I said, “was I right that he didn’t just want to discuss the decor? I leaned in close, slid my hand along her thigh, squeezing it as my cock throbbed.

Then she smiled at me and walked toward him.“I’ll be waiting,” I said.

I watched James escort my stunning young wife to- ward the elevators.

The low-cut neckline revealed most of her back and an eye-catching amount of cleavage.

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