Friendship dating russian

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The American is used to smiling, friendly citizens, while Russians smile only to those they know very well.

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Friendship, especially in the Soviet times, was partly a substitute for dysfunctional institutions.

In order to get qualified medical service, a person should have acquaintances in a good hospital; in order to get fresh fruits on a holiday table, one needs a friend in food distribution.

This has little in common with the American system of writing reference and reflects more the lack of functioning laws in Russian society as well as the disparity between wealthy and low-income social groups.

The Russian way does not fit well with the American credo, “The difficult we do at once; the impossible takes a little longer.” Russians often prefer tactics of circumventing the problem; they choose to pay rather than try to solve a problem they face.

He added that it is also a bad sign among Americans to present elegant and expensive gifts.

Friendship dating russian

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