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Lesson 2: How drawing is like writing – Sentences, Basic Shapes Lesson 3: Basic design: Stick figures, !

Leave any comments and questions in the comments below. If you're embarrassed because you can't draw a straight line or even a good stick figure.

Or better yet, sign up to receive more information via e-mail. If you WANT to know how to draw but don't know where to begin -- you've come to the right place.

Lesson 5: Design Simple Cartoon Characters from Flat Shapes BONUS Lesson 6: Unicorn Style – How Simple Color Theory Helps Design.

BONUS Lesson 7: Designing Super Basic Composition BONUS Lesson 8: Formulas – An Introduction to Drawing Shorthand Get all this info and more in I can’t help you if you don’t ask. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about drawing? I’ll give you my best answer and, who know, probably write a post about it.

So you can’t draw a stick figure or a straight line?

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