Funnel theory of dating

by  |  11-Feb-2020 08:01

funnel theory of dating-24

Years ago a friend had an image on her wall of three overlapping circles representing Fast, Good, Cheap. Life choices particularly career and transition choices are rarely as easy as choosing the two lesser evils.

While the ‘choose two’ plan works for small decisions such as a purchasing a clothing item, the plan doesn’t work in the grand scheme of making life decisions.

Tomorrow I am teaching the YW Manual 3 Lesson 35 lesson. Isn’t it interesting that if we do this in the wrong order, something sweet can be bitter? Physical intimacy is similar to orange juice and mouthwash.

It is about dating decisions – how the standards they choose to keep now will affect the happiness of the rest of their lives. If physical intimacy comes after the marriage covenant, it is beautiful and sacred.

means caution, use care to evaluate the choice made and the results.

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