Funny dating contracts

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Here’s how my more light-hearted contract begins: Bracing For That Blind Date By Madeleine Begun Kane Are you facing yet another blind date with fear and dread?

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(Exception to older people over the age of 30,or has a disability) 7) I promise not be stupid if they are serious, rather I'll be concerned 8) I promise if we both go out, I'll pay for half of what we do 9) I promise if you plan something I'll be there on time 10) I promise if the last slice of pizza is in the box both I'll play rock-paper-scissors or snatch it out of your hand and eat it in front of your face, then later apologize 11) I promise to go to your house uninvited 12) I promise to stay in contact with my best friend 13) I promise to always be honest with my best friend (unless if its a surprise party) 14) I promise to always be there in times of need 15) I promise to let my best friend know everything first 16) I promise to laugh WITH not AT my best friend (unless they do something extremely funny or stupid) 17) I promise not to do anything to mess up our relationship 18) I promise to always make you laugh on your sad days 19) I promise to always be your shoulder to cry upon 20) I promise to remember everything about you 21) I promise to the greatest best friend ever!

If their is a breech within the contract the injured party has legal rights to decide what punishment to be inflicted upon the opposing party.

Helena: Well, I am from Poland in elementary school we had Polish, Russian, Physics, Math, Chemistry, Biology with lab (microscopes), Geography, PE, Art, Polish education systemis the vbest in the word. I guess now smart Americans have Russian president that is funny.

1) I promise not fall in love with your best friend 2) I promise to be an encouragement to them 3) I promise to always stop what I'm doing (playing games, homework, taking a shower ect...) and give them a listening ear (even if its about video games, the worst day ever something weird) 4) I promise to be sensitive 5) I promise to be positive 6) I promise to help them up a few minuets after I finish laughing at their fall.

It is expected for these acts of kindness to be maintained after two months out of and not out of requirement. Dates Dates can include, but not be limited to, going to the movies, dinner, “hanging out” at each other’s homes, or attending a party together. I will only agree to play a video game with you if said game is “Mario Kart” and I get to pick any character I want first (which will most likely be “Toad” in the majority of situations). Communication Regular and daily communication is required for relationship to last. Please note that a phone call is purely optional, however texting is necessary.

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