Harvest dating

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In Africa, the Middle Stone Age toolkits sometimes include blades and other types of archeological evidence (beads and artifacts that indicate the use of color and symbols) that are typical of the Upper Paleolithic in Europe.Flax has been used in the Middle East since the fifth millennium BCE.

The men carried the sheaves on their shoulders, children are depicted carrying them on their heads. The next step performed by the Egyptian is unknown, but stalks were cooked, retted in water or left for a while lying on the ground until they were partly rotted.

They were then gathered together, beaten to extract the fibres (scutching) and finally dressed with a hackle removing last remnants of pith and other unwanted matter.

Some of the plants were left standing to ripen, and their seeds were collected for next years sowing and for the preparation of linseed oil used in medicines.

The coarser fibers of these fully matured plants were used for making strings and ropes.

becoming local governor of Xois, and inferior field-judge of Xois.

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