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Meanwhile, comrades die ("In This Life") while kindred outcasts struggle ("Why's It So Hard").

"I'm not happy this way," she sings in "Bad Girl." Sensuality was merely part of the picture: Erotica is Madonna's concept album about love and intimacy under the shadow of plague.

Here Madonna looks like she's visited that same seedy men's room, and the double exposure insinuates it's on her mind.

But both record and book, despite a few positive reviews, inspired widespread vitriol.

"There's nothing erotic about it, unless one finds the idea of a singing death mask sexy." That was Entertainment Weekly's take on Erotica's rendition of "Fever," but it summed up many assessments of the entire album.

In excerpts from his studio diary, Erotica's co-producer/songwriter Shep Pettibone – a skilled remixer who helped Eighties dance grooves evolve from disco to house music – archived the singer's feedback on the album's early slick mixes. "If I had wanted the album to sound like that, I'd have worked with [earlier collaborator] Patrick Leonard in L.

A." Instead, Madonna demanded rawness, "as if it were recorded in an alley at 123rd Street in Harlem."And so her "Vogue" collaborator reverted to the rhythm-intensive immediacy of his remixes as he reworked much of the album until it boomed, banged and sizzled like his increasingly popular remixes: Pettibone's version of "Express Yourself" was the one heard in Madonna's massive video.

The authenticity of her playmates accentuates the fastidiousness of her makeup and the newness of her fetish-wear, which makes Madonna look like a tourist. 12 Reasons This Is Madonna's Best Performance Ever: VMAs 1989 Queen of Pop, then 31, earns title as she does Roger Rabbit, publicly vogues for first time in mesmerizing take on classic feminist anthem Other photos are open to interpretation: One features four masculine figures standing at urinals with Madonna superimposed in pink.

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