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Your moisturizer is fabulous, I don't know what I would do without it.

I have extremely sensitive skin so the Rose Wash has also been a great find. ""I've bought this product before, amazing feel, forgot to bring it with me to the UK when visiting boyfriend, have tried another lube that was meant to be really good for hypoallergenic reasons but it did not compare at all!!

Find the products to be amazing, has helped me in so many ways. ""My partner and I had intercourse the other night, and for the fist time in over 6 months I was able to really enjoy sex without pain, and without the need to reach for the lube, I also had my first orgasm in months thank to YES VM.

Thank you ""I have been using Yes products for a while now and find that it helps me and I don't get any of the burning sensation had with other products I tried using previously and would definitely recommend Yes. I have previously suffered with Bacterial Vaginosis but since using the intimate wash I have had no reoccurances!! I was also getting VB which I'd never had and realized that I needed a lower p H product to keep things healthy.

This applicator is the best and the fact you don't have to mess around refilling and washing the applicator out always thinking reusing it I could get an infection. Vaginal atrophy is painful all day long and using just one tube gave me instant comfort. I VERY much appreciate it not feeling gooey or slimy, and providing the slide I need. ""We tried it because other products were sticky and dried out after a while. I'm super excited to try the intimate wash, and add it to my overall vaginal health routine. Your VM product is so gentle and provides immediate relief with no nasty side effects or discomfort.

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