How to know if we are dating

by  |  25-Sep-2019 00:44

After two years with her, you seem to have four choices: 1 - Let things keep going like they are and hope she'll get a clue. You want a serious relationship, she's not willing to make a commitment after almost two years.(Hint: don't waste your time on this idea.) 2 - Accept the fact that you're just friends. Not fun AT ALL.) 3 - Sit her down and give her an ultimatum. Have her over to your place, sit her down and say: Look, we've been "together" for two years, I've been understanding, given you space, given you time, treated you well, been there through thick-and-thin. I deserve someone who's going to appreciate me and want to make a commitment (not to mention the more physical aspects).

Being a boyfriend is different, women need to know that you will call them on it when they get totally out of line.

They also want a man who is willing to stand up for himself.

She likes how I treat her, she's the first one to actually like it.

I tend to do things for her without being asked to. What can I do to remedy this or keep from making the same mistake again. I'm 31 now and haven't had a serious relationship last over a year. I know I'm not ugly and I treat people the way they want to be. I'm always there for them, but no one's there for me.

They may be right, they may be wrong, but here's my take: As a fellow 31 year old, I understand what you're going through and having just been through an experience of "notdating™" someone, this sounds erily familiar.

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