rachel bilson and hayden christensen dating since - Is hermione and ron dating

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He rage-dated (and used) another girl to make Hermione mad.

In his worst moments under the influence of a Horcrux, he didn't just lash out, but directly accused Hermione of choosing another man over him.

From the moment he first meets her, he has her in tears after insulting her for trying to help him. He accuses her of lying about having a date to the Yule Ball, implies she couldn't possibly be worthy of a date, and then ruins the night for her with his temper.

He doesn't speak to her for weeks after learning she kissed Viktor Krum months prior, until again, Hermione was in tears.

As a kid, I was vaguely disappointed, without knowing exactly how to put it into words — but as an adult, looking back at all the circumstances in their courtship, I'm stunned.

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