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There are over 1,000 different studios around Germany’s capital -- although the actual amount is hard to pin down.

And these can be anything from full-blown shops to hard-to-book (and find) private studios.

“What eventually drew me into wanting to tattoo is the idea of how a fine needle can precisely work into the skin.

Hailing from South Korea, Young Woong Han is extremely new to the Berlin scene but making quite a splash.

He’s been tattooing here for four months, based at the long-running shop Rose of no man's land deep in Neukölln.

“I recently had a German government worker very interested in Japanese tattoo history and culture. It’s a lot of Yakuza.” Okada’s been in Berlin since 2013, working at one of Berlin’s more traditional punk tattoo shops, Für Immer. Lars Uwe, is is one of Berlin’s great underground talents.

Although he doesn't post on social media that often, his skills are still highly sought after by those looking for a gallery-worthy portrait or a warmly-colored new traditional animal piece.

Dots to Lines’ unique and intricate approach to blackwork and dotwork has stoked a social media phenomenon of almost half a million followers on Instagram alone.

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