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Throughout their career, Marilyn Manson have made good use of explicit live shows, controversial lyrics and outright bizarre music videos.

The songs are cynical, with many lampooning conformism, social hierarchy and the media, amongst other things.

For a good period of time, both clubs also shared the same colours of red and black.

The teams had historically belonged to separate leagues ('unions') until the CFL was formed in 1958.

The Riders would win the IRFU championship in 1909 over the Hamilton Tigers, but lost in the Canadian final in Toronto to Toronto Varsity. Brigids manager Jim Mc Caffery becoming the manager of the Riders.

The Riders declined and became uncompetitive during the 1910s, attributed to the First World War, and the lure of salaries in professional ice hockey meaning athletes chose hockey over football in Ottawa. Brigids, which played in the Ottawa City league, and later the Ontario league, was developing top talent. Mc Caffery would be a member of the Riders executive for several decades.

Since then, red and black have been Ottawa's traditional sporting colours.

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