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So, I have installed and now when I tried to install Mongoosejs I got an error telling me that I don't have the needed version of (I have v0.4.11 and v0.4.12 is needed). I suppose I just could install it again with the latest version, but I don't want to do it before I'm sure that my project folders in the folder "node" won't be deleted.

The second one was successfully completed and the same command resulted in v.0.10.22.

For Windows users, simply go to the ( website and download the latest version (8.6.0 as of 09/29/2017).

I have noticed that the INF file (applicable to my motherboard audio codec) in the 8023 driver package has this comment written at the top: ; X-Fi MB3 Hardware ID locking X-Fi obviously refers to Creative hardware but what's Hardware ID locking all about?

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