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I don't use Facebook as a fucking social crutch, I actually go out and meet friends of my friends and make them my friends, thus opening the door for more friends that I talk to and form my own social network, only it's with people that I actually have a good chance of seeing in person on a regular basis.

Yeah, I know hot women too, and I actually know that I can tolerate their personalities and that they are receptive to flirting because I've held actual conversations with them and know them, thus when I earn the opportunity to see them with less than 100% of their clothing on I feel like I've done more than click a mouse to see their pictures on a web page.

One entire year later I have a story with 3000 reviews and two more on the cusp of breaking 1000. (I'm not really that awesome, I am just incredibly productive and have extreme flashes of arrogance.)- Whenever most people get asked, "What bloodline from Naruto would you want if you could have it?

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If you came here you must have seen something interesting enough to try and come here to begin with, so hopefully this kills some time for you. Listen to a gaggle of fanfiction-writing fools try to make some entertaining audio!

My ego grows once more with my regular inclusion on a weekly podcast panel! We've got a Youtube page for all of the stuff, at https:// K71Uz Tdgk Su IEv-o Mj Agw/videos.

though I sincerely doubt you'll ever see this or care.

I consider this profile page as an extension to try and entertain, and thus I will use it as such.

This goes as far as me looking around randomly while in the midst of doing nothing, even in my own house.

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