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Well, given the number of people in the world…what are the chances of you dating that one person who has led a perfect life? We’ve all been through transitions with relationships in our lives.Our friendships have changed…how we interact with our families has changed.But now that you’ve been through it…isn’t it better?

Older people don’t want their peers to think their children abandoned them, said Mr Peng. Han said he fell out with one son and that the other emigrated to Canada in 2003 and didn’t call him enough.

But he declined to provide their contact numbers – he didn’t want to embarrass them, he said. Elderly people are “like flowers and trees,” he said.

Now, some of us aren’t afraid of heights and we’re ready to take the plunge.

Some of us take one look at the view (which looks just fine without the addition of our innards splattered below, thank you very much) and step away.

Jiang Quanbao, a professor of demography at the Institute for Population and Development Studies at Xi’an Jiaotong University, said that the challenge is that China is both an aging society and a developing country. Peng Xizhe, a professor of population and development at Shanghai’s Fudan University, called the supply and quality of nursing homes in China “seriously inadequate”.

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