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Don’t worry, all identifying questions (including the identifier string and all long answers) have been hidden. (this might have a lot of lag if you try to do it at the same time as everyone else; if you tell your browser to stop scripts it might improve) I plan to post longer analyses (including the ones in the pre-registered hypotheses) later on, hopefully dragging them out into a bunch of Least Publishable Units.This is the family with issues, from which many, many kinds of Freudian Excuse can be taken.I’m not sure you can take the whole survey anymore, but if you find a way to do so, please don’t.

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For example, in his commentary on Ross Douthat’s article on gay marriage, Tumblr user severnayazemlya writes: What Douthat is saying is that there was some system that existed sometime in the past that was more human-shaped than Marcotte’s vision for the future. The conservative argument is that the cultural inheritance that the past hands down to the present is more human-shaped than most reforms proposed in the present – because there were reformers in the past, and, absent major breaks in the continuity, past reforms have had time to be tested for their fit: those that worked were kept, and those that didn’t were discarded.

This form of cultural evolution seems to work something like so: our culture, and indeed most cultures, used to have a certain conception of marriage.

Sir John Franklin, a Fellow of the Royal Society and an experienced Arctic traveler, set out to find the Northwest Passage, and spent two ice-bound winters in the Arctic, the second on King William Island.

Everyone eventually perished from starvation and scurvy.

Rather, over thousands of years, various proposals like “eat those yummy-looking red berries that grow on the small bushes” and “always hunt seals in large groups” were accidentally tested, with the successful ones spreading until they became universal tradition and the disastrous ones being warned against as taboo.

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