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Someone should pop the question on ADT in the ftv/melody thread and see what Melody and the other people close to Rob have to say.

Maricopa DA's office is fapping to the Claire vids. FTV will be forced to shut down after Rod is sentenced. What is that about fool me once, no twice, hey really, third time's a charm... At the rate we're going some of these women will be grandmothers before FTVX goes live (you may laugh but the oldest vids were produced in early 2007, 11 years ago!

She would come over a lot, hanging out with Kennedy, and over time she started having a crush on me.

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- 2017-09-10Mmmmmm - 2017-04-25Two of them are from the room/bed of the Home Openers where she was staying while taking the xxxxxx. She provided a brief respite from a "life of quiet desperation" that you Brits seem to espouse.

It matched the room/bed from the Youtube videos about quitting porn. So spare us your sanctimonious bull shit and head out for some spotted dick and go troll somewhere else. If having a life beyond seeing that video is dumb then I am happy to be dumb. Looks like it's just an affiliate site of FTVGirls and FTVX.

Speaking of FTV drama, Melody on ADT seems to keep saying too much and editing her posts later, she said recently that the site planned for a 5th "extreme" update for her on FTV "that got lost" and "still trying to recover it", she deleted that statement hours later. When I first met Claire, she was a friend of Kennedy's, who was my girlfriend at the time.

I ended up doing a shoot of Claire for FTV, and she did an amazing video showing off her talented ballet skills as well as her flexibility.

She had a pretty lame boyfriend at the time, but once Kennedy broke up with me to go to LA and become a porn star, she made her move.

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