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To describe this kind of logic, the American military writer Edward Luttwak has used the term paradoxical.

But flexibility will prevail only if it can be bound by a firm disciplinary framework.

Moreover, flexibility and discipline are not easy to combine and can often be achieved only at each other’s expense.

However, it is one thing to analyze tactics in the abstract but entirely another thing to put theory into practice under different circumstances, on different kinds of terrain, against different kinds of enemy, with the aid of troops who may be tired or confused or recalcitrant, and amid every kind of mortal danger.

As the great Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz said, “In war everything is simple, but even the simplest thing is difficult.” Sophisticated tactics require well-trained, articulated forces consisting of different units that are armed with different weapons and possess different capabilities.

Surprise presupposes secrecy, but secrecy may be hard to combine with the rapid action that is often necessary for implementing surprise.

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