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A catalog dating from the middle of the fourth century contained in two medieval Latin manuscripts, probably from Africa. The authenticity of this list of canonical books has been doubted by many scholars because it is absent from various manuscripts containing the decrees of the regional (Galatian) Council. On the omission of Revelation see Cyril of Jerusalem above.

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Besides the books indicated on the table the list includes the apocryphal Acts of Paul.

Not a general council but a regional council of African bishops, much under the influence of Augustine. The list does not have Hebrews, but neither does it have Philippians and 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and so many scholars have supposed that these four books dropped out by an error of transcription, the scribe's eye jumping from the end of the word ephesious (Ephesians) to the end of ebraious (Hebrews). A letter from the bishop of Rome to the bishop of Toulouse.

It consists of two parts dedicated to general norms and specific norms, and also contains an appendix and norms of application.

The document is meant to “update” previous norms, and abrogates any prior rules which contradict the new ones laid out by Pope Francis in Veritatis Gaudium.

His list appears in an encyclopedia he compiled for his students. His list is derived from the writings of Epiphanius. Nevertheless, the work is useful as evidence for the opinions of a part of the Syrian churches towards the end of the fourth century.

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