New sim dating rpg

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*disclaimer: okay, this hero of the month was sorta mod-centric.I promise we won't do this in the future, but I felt the need to highlight the key players in getting RMRK back up and running.He's also becoming a pretty good spriter, and he helps out in the scripting boards a bunch.

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This neat-looking game hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as it deserves. His newest template looks to give an old school flare to your RPGs.

This puzzle game takes place in a free-world, allowing the player the freedom to do as he wishes. Not only are Heretic's contributions fabulous, but he has also been a huge help in motivating me to get off my bum and create another spotlight thread. Bluntsword is a long time veteran of RMRK, and perhaps the only member here to be a published author!

The third member of the restoration triforce, her divine admin powers were integral to providing us with the necessary tools for forum maintenance.

She's also very nice and pretty and a good friend.

He was a big help with moving and tagging topics during the forum shuffle.

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