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Declaring it “the right time to call a halt to the DUP’s arrogance”, Northern Ireland’s mandatory power sharing coalition meant his resignation also removed Foster from her position as first minister, collapsing the assembly.His statement, an astonishing swansong delivered two months before his death, also laid out a litany of claims against the DUP.There are rights for people everywhere across these islands, except for the six counties.

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Mairtín O Muilleoir by his Irish name, because a previous republican caller refused to even call the country “Northern Ireland”.

As they argued among themselves, Stephen Nolan spoke for many listeners when he muttered, “This is pathetic.”It would be pessimistic to suggest that the show’s more colourful callers are representative of Northern Ireland as a whole, but it would be a blatant dismissal of the region’s political stalemate to suggest it is not.

An invisible border allows people to move, live and work across the island, as if it were indeed united.“I cross it probably every day,” she says.

“People cross it for work, for business, for school, for caring responsibilities, to visit family, even just to walk the dog.

“The big political parties essentially ask people to vote for them to keep other people out, rather than as a positive expression of what their ambitions and aspirations for the future might be.”But whether the parties are setting the agenda from their offices at Stormont, or whether they are merely responding to the wishes of the people on the street, both the DUP and Sinn Fein are totally in step with their ever hardening bases., “the biggest show in the country” broadcast every morning on BBC Radio Ulster.

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