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The Graduate Division will admit students for a second doctoral degree only if they meet the following guidelines: If applicants have previously been denied admission to Berkeley on the basis of their English language proficiency, they must submit new test scores that meet the current minimum from one of the standardized tests.Visit the Berkeley Graduate Division application page.

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Be able to navigate a file system, manipulate files, and execute programs using a command line interface. Be fluent in Python syntax and familiar with foundational Python object types.

Be prepared for further programming challenges in more advanced data science courses.

Rules & Requirements Prerequisites: Master of Information and Data Science students only.

Intermediate competency in Python, C, or Java, and competency in Linux, Git Hub, and relevant Python libraries; or permission of instructor.

A major programming project reinforces these concepts, giving students insight into how a large piece of software is built and experience managing a full-cycle development project.

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