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It’s come as a real surprise to welcome it back, simply because I opened one more little window of possibility. Maybe it’ll just be nice to run along the shore road for a bit. Kayaking has taught me to leave my Type A-ness at home and just try things out, to enjoy the scenery, to see what the sea and the wind bring. Of course, when I spoke about making comparisons, I didn’t mean to confuse this with gaining inspiration from others.I’m just working on shorter distances at the moment. As I watched Felix Baumgartner fall 128,000 feet to Earth, I was dumbfounded by his bravery.It is a relatively rare American example of the "Northern"—a more usually Canadian frontier drama akin to The Western, but set in the modern-day Arctic (well, sub-Arctic).

If I were silly enough to make comparisons, let’s just say I was several places behind Felix when they were handing out the awesome – but that doesn’t stop me from being inspired by him. Falling through space might not have fazed Felix, but wearing a spacesuit did, and the claustrophobia he experienced in practice runs nearly became a showstopper.

As I mentioned, sometimes you only know half the story.

After finally overcoming an old hip problem, and many comeback attempts over the best part of a decade, not to mention the anguish associated with an unrelated but sombre diagnosis, I have unexpectedly returned to running.

Of course, this is an activity that has a strong association with injury.

All it takes is a wrenched shoulder to prompt an investigation of more traditional methods of rolling and forward progress.

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