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Following their arrival in the New World, Spanish Jesuit missionaries learned from indigenous Indian tribes of a medicinal bark used for the treatment of fevers.

With this bark, the Countess of Chinchón, the wife of the Viceroy of Peru, was cured of her fever.

A number of Roman writers attributed malarial diseases to the swamps.

In China, during the second century BCE, the Qinghao plant (, found in the Mawangdui Tomb.

By 1912, there were over 50,000 employees, and the number of hospitalized workers had decreased to approximately 5,600. military occupation of Cuba and the construction of the Panama Canal at the turn of the 20th century, U. officials made great strides in the control of malaria and yellow fever. von Ezdorf of the USPHS requested and received funds from the U. USPHS established malaria control activities around military bases in the malarious regions of the southern United States to allow soldiers to train year round. An organized and effective malaria control program stemmed from this new authority in the Tennessee River valley. Through a series of lapses and confusion brought about during the war, chloroquine was finally recognized and established as an effective and safe antimalarial in 1946 by British and U. The insecticidal property of DDT was not discovered until 1939 by Paul Müller in Switzerland.

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