Peer guardian error updating

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BLM has had one and that was because Blutack was changing over to the new servers. action=threads_search&f=87&q=pg2 – of course didn't block whirlpool – it's for P2P apps which have nothing to do with browsing whirlpool.Sheesh, Bluetack lists (and BLM) aren't just used for P2P apps you know, they are used to update a number of programs.Once I loaded up Windows 7 64-Bit I loaded PG to find that it would not install or load because of driver signing.

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BLM, straight into updating the file and it blocks more nasty IPs. Using BLM to update PG2 is a far superior method than its own updater, for a start BLM has three or four more lists to add thus including more nasty IPs.

For the more paranoid then you can also add the iblock lists which includes even more IPs.

3 Install DSEO and enable TEST MODE and reboot your computer.

Notice the “Test Mode” in the bottom right of your desktop…

This is the unsigned driver that you will sign using DSEO’s sign file option.

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