Post dating checks illegal michigan

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If necessary, tell "A" what they have done then ask them to make reparations.

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I know this because they refused to deposit my payroll check that was post dated. They will post or try to post a post dated check that debits my account, but will not accept a post dated check on deposit to credit my account. If post dated checks were illegal, in the strictest sense of the word, every bottom feeding check cashing place would be out of business. they are under no obligation to actually hold them 3.

Checks are not a line of credit, which is what happens, in essence, when one is written. the bank processes hundreds of thousands of checks daily--it is not possible to verify the date on each and every check, in particular when it is done electronically and 4.

The bank will usually charge you a service fee for the NSF.

When "A" cashes your check early is the problem between you and "A".

As for those payday places, they probably have a contract with the lendee so that they promise not to attempt to cash the check until a certain date.

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