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Our verbal and nonverbal skills, along with with our perception of the subcommunication going on in these conversations, are what give us true influence and persuasive ability with other people. In order for us to feel like we matter to others, we have to feel some other things, such as: The first thing you must do when you're in a conversation about a topic over your head is get over your need to impress everyone or plow through it with arrogant B. If you're talking to someone with any amount of intelligence, they're just not going to fall for it.The one thing that we don't want as humans - and especially as MEN - is to be left out or feel as if we're being ignored in conversation. The first step is to drop the "smart guy" act and humble yourself a bit. You don't have to throw your hands up and yell, "I ain't got NO idea what you're talking about! " You can be open without seeming like you're a country hick.Only when you get done with your story, you only get a polite chuckle from a few people, and then the subject changes to something else. And without knowing how it happened, you start to feel slightly embarrassed...

I've conducted polls of thousands of men to find out what guys want and need most to develop their game with women, as well as general social skills.

Hands down, every guy wants better conversational ability.

There's a hidden side to the game of attracting and approaching women that most gurus do not want to tell you about.

You've been chatting for about the last ten minutes, and you're finding her more and more interesting by the second.

I sat and read these with my jaw dropped, and laughed for hours.

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