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When a family member interrupts by coming into the room or calling out to ask for something the player's startle response causes the hammer to slip injuring a thumb, or they hit the wrong button on their keyboard and lose their work, or they spill the fuel they were transferring to another container.The player responds to any one of the above by angrily crying out "See What You Made Me Do!!

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The NIGYSOB player is Externaling contempt and hostility while the partner who plays "Kick Me" Internalizes it.

When played by a couple, the game is usually triggered suddenly when -- for various possible "reasons" -- the NIGYSOB player flips into a fit of rage over a perceived slight made by the "Kick Me" player.

Relationship mind games are played by innocent people who have very little idea how they continually find themselves in such dramas.

Consciously, most of us vow never to participate in mind games...

Because true intimacy is not always possible in every context (at work with your boss) and with every person (the man on the street) the ability to participate in mind games valid and necessary.

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