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From around 2010 and until recently, the relationship between The Sunday Mail in general, and me in particular, with Oliver Mtukudzi has been far from cosy.

I have not been able to attend any of his live performances, and of the few times that I decided to do so, it was with a hooded face.

I couldn't leave anything to chance, especially given the manner in which Mutamba had tried to manhandle me and Mtandazo Dube during the memorial service.

It is not for us to declare the book official or not.

The world over, books get written with or without approval.

Though the circumstances were tragic, we felt he had lied to the nation, that Sam was his only son.

For we knew otherwise, as did a fair share of his close associates, of the existence of a young man called Selby, then stationed at a seminary in the capital.

This theory has been favoured by his fans who have found it difficult to reconcile his musical brilliance with his misdeeds, forgetting in the process that as he himself points out he is human and fallible.

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