Scarlett johansson dating sean penn

by  |  25-Jan-2020 09:47

Could this mean the two are an item or just plain friends?

So far no comments from either parties, but we hope soon someone will shed some light over this matter.

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Johansson had earlier denied a similar rumour but the blonde beauty was snapped again with Penn on a date.

The actress was caught resting her foot in Penn’s lap while dining at Cuban restaurant Versailles in the shots, TMZ reported.

The rumors related to the two dating started at the celebration party for movie “Black Swan”, which took place at L. It was also said that: “They were flirting with each other all night, pretty much ignoring everyone else.” Although Johansson's representative shot down the rumors then, the two have been spotted after spending time together.

Now this isn't something uncommon, but Johansson was spotted doing something just friends don't usually do: as the two were having dinner at a restaurant, Scarlett put her leg into Sean Penn's lap.

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