Selected value not updating detailsview rich guy dating site

by  |  09-Dec-2019 20:40

Here we are using master data as sales data and details as store data.

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I'm not able to get which radio button is selected through checked property.

As checked property is giving false always, when i check it with breakpoint.

For instance if I choose Group and Vacation, it validates as false, true, true, but outputs - Group, Group, Here is my code: Protected Sub Check Request Details View_Item Inserting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Find Control("Department Lis t Box") Dim Department String As String = "" Dim Item As List Item For Each Item In Department List Box. Selected Then Department String = Department List Box. To String ", " End If Next Check Request Sql Data Source. Default Value = Department String End Sub because you are using Department List Box.

Details View Insert Event Ar gs) Handles Check Request Details View.

Details View generates a user interface similar to the Form View of a Microsoft Access database, and is typically used for updating/deleting any currently displayed record or for inserting new records.

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