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“Most young Algerians regard female virginity as sacrosanct,” says Djelloul Hammouda, a doctor in Oran.

“The unmarried young practice any form of sex that will preserve it.” The average age of marriage has risen considerably over the last 20 years, because it’s hard to find work and housing; it’s now 30 for women, 34 for men.

Algerian fans celebrate in Algiers in June after Algeria qualified for the knock-out round of the World Cup after their match with Russia.

Football and riots help relive tension for many young men in the North African country.

A newspaper story in 2006 led anthropologist Abderrahman Moussaoui to conclude that Algerians may be resorting to common-law marriage () as a way of getting around the Muslim ban on premarital sex, though without giving any indication of the scale of the phenomenon.

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