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Ik ben inmiddels 9 jaar getrouwd met mijn prachtige vrouw.

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Can’t tell you the name and college, she was Sindhi and was a fucking hot chick of college with damn good attitude. Every boy of the college wanted to touch her once or see her assets.

We met in CG and she became my gf, I just kissed her and touched boobs for 1-2 years.

Only because Anns mother is a really sexy woman and I hoped to get a cha… Read more It was Thursday evening and I was looking to let off some steam have some fun and meet some women so I headed over to this hotel bar I knew of the place is nice and the customers were usually business people that are staying at the hotel looking to relax after a long day.

I got there as happy hour was gaining steam a little after 6 I walked into the bar scanned the room walked over to the jukebox dropped a couple dollars worth of quarters into it and picked a few good tunes I left the rest open to anyone else that wanted to pick a song I walked over to the bar I noticed this fine looking r… Read more I had the life I always thought everyone wanted me to have.

I then decided to be really careful for not to that again.

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