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The historical essays in this magazine explain the roots of racism and prejudice which sustain the Ku Klux Klan.As a young civil rights activist working alongside John Lewis, Andrew Young, the late Dr.Then, having grown to be a major force for the second time, the Klan again receded into the background.

The Klan had resurgence again in the 1970s, but did not reach its past level of influence.

Since then, the Klan has become just one element in a much broader spectrum of white supremacist activity.

It’s important to understand, however, that violent prejudice is not limited to the Ku Klux Klan or any other white supremacist organization.

Every year, murders, arsons, bombings and assaults are committed by people who have no ties to an organized group, but who share their extreme hatred.

Today, while the traditional Klan has declined, there are many other groups which go by a variety of names and symbols and are at least as dangerous as the KKK.

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