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The fate of both of their characters was explained.The episode began with an "out of nowhere" moment with Mc Garrett and Danno showing up at the Hilton Hawaiian Village where the racially-ambiguous (for Hawaii) Tani Rey (Meaghan Rath) is working as a lifeguard at the Paradise Pool.

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(Grover does not like this connection.) The way Duclair gets out of jail is ridiculous, reminiscent of Wo Fat's escapes from jail.

His door having opened automatically, he walks out of the place into blazing sunshine as the guards are locked in their room, both thanks to Mi Zchief.

This eighth season opener contained lots of the usual annoyances and stupidities people have come to expect from the show or, if you are a psycho-fan, things you have come to ignore and/or love.

No one who followed news about Five-Zero during the summer can be unaware that both Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park (Chin Ho and Kono) left the show because of pay issues.

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