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He is currently the longest serving Senate Minority Leader.

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Oregon held a state funeral for him, during which his body lay in state at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

Mc Nary Dam, Mc Nary Field, Mc Nary High School, and Mc Nary Country Club (on land he owned) in Oregon are named in his honor.

He wrote the dissenting opinion in the reversal of the conviction of prominent Portland attorney Edward Mc Allister.

The dissent was emotionally charged and "revealed a deeply seated personal discomfort with same-sex eroticism." Furthermore, Mc Nary supporters argued that both progressive and conservative factions of the Republican Party would accept Mc Nary and that unity would give the party the best chance of retaining the Senate seat in the next election.

After resigning as state party chairman, Mc Nary prepared to campaign for a full term in the Senate. Mulkey won the election to replace Mc Nary and finished Lane's original term, which would end in January 1919, and Mulkey took office on November 6, 1918, replacing Mc Nary in that seat.

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