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Welcome to Kerrie Smyres' writings about chronic migraine, headache disorders, chronic illness & depression.

Here you'll find coping strategies, resources, news & more to help you live a fabulous life with chronic illness.

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It is the lead track on their third studio album, Urban Hymns (1997).

It is based on a sample it uses from the Andrew Loog Oldham orchestral cover of The Rolling Stones' song "The Last Time", and involved some legal controversy surrounding a plagiarism charge.

I persuaded him to have a go at cutting a version but at first he wasn't really into it. All I could say was, I really think you should reconsider." The music video (directed by Walter A.

It was only once we'd put strings on it that he started getting excited. Stern) is an homage to the single continuous shot docu-fiction music video for Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy" and focuses on Ashcroft singing while walking down a busy London pavement, without changing his stride or direction throughout, except for one instance where he is forced to stop for a moving car and a reflection is seen of him standing stationary in the car's tinted window.

Also shows that ultimately take away the dressing, take away the strings, take away the sample, there's an actual song there." In a 1999 interview with Q magazine, when asked whether he believed the result was fair, Keith Richards replied, "I'm out of whack here, this is serious lawyer shit.

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