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At first, my husband switched to the third shift at the factory, but that took a huge physical toll on him (working overnight is rough! I then got a decent raise at work, and we calculated that my husband could leave the factory job and take a well-paying part time night/weekend gig turning apartments into condos.

So he did, but after a year and a half the work dried up and he went back to the factory to work the second shift (evenings instead of overnight).

I got extremely aggressive about freeing up cash flow, and within 18 months we terminated the remaining $33k from our car and MBA loans.

That was three and a half years ago now, and ever since we’ve lived on only my income.

My family is different – we’re in the 6% of families where only the mom works outside the house. No, we’re on FIRE in a big way, saving and investing more than half my income and working toward financial independence in my early 40’s. I’m the breadwinner who heads to work in corporate IT while my husband stays home caring for the kids, cooking, cleaning, and running errands :) I support my family of five humans – me, my husband, and three boys ages 13, 9, and 2 – the dog, and the cat. I was 21 years old working full time in a call center, putting myself through full-time college debt free, and my husband worked full time in a factory.

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