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The player generally has no direct control over individual agents inside the game world — thus his role, depending on the scope of the game, tends to be labelled something ranging from "business owner" or "mayor" to "president" or even "god".Probably the first game in this tradition is , written by Bob Jamison sometime between 19: The player, based on the daily weather report, decided what supplies to buy and how much to charge customers at their virtual lemonade stand.

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Variations appeared for years on various platforms, even surviving into the 1990s as their requirements were so low that ports could even run on programmable calculators.

More complicated simulations started appearing in the early 1980s, such as the Commodore 64 game .

Raising Sim is a sub-genre of this, focusing on "building" an individual person or animal.

Dating Sim is another sub-genre, where the focus is on leveling up your Relationship Values with possible Love Interests.

had the player build a heaven and hell suited to the needs of the incoming departed.

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