Speed dating singapore flyer

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Shimmy into these dance classes in Singapore for an energetic education; learn everything from ballet and jazz, to hip-hop and tap-dancing.Singapore’s an extremely safe place to live in, but it won’t hurt to take up a martial arts class for self-defence, y’know?

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What could be better than a romantic dinner for two? Take your romance to new heights by having a meal amongst the stars.

The Singapore Flyer offers a decadent four-course meal with personalised butler service and panoramic views of the city, all in the privacy of your own capsule. Do you know off-hand how many bones there are in the human body?

That’s where poets and spoken word artists come in, and yes, there is a poetry and spoken word scene in Singapore. Nothing’s more satisfying than creating someone new with your hands.

Instead of buying a mass-produced souvenir in Singapore, why not make your own creation at these craft workshops in Singapore, offering pottery, printmaking, sewing, terrariums and more.

Also, with Singaporean athletes like Angela Lee putting Singaporean MMA on the map, martial arts classes and Muay Thai classes have become more appealing in the past couple of years too.

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