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The following table gives the default URLs and port numbers, as well as examples of optional arguments supported by the most common databases: If you have trouble with a JNDI connection, you need to look at the JNDI definition for your database on your application server.This section gives common issues with JNDI definitions on Apache Tomcat connecting to My SQL.

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Make sure both have the following information: After defining JNDI Services on the JBoss application server, Jasper Reports Server does not automatically detect the new services.

Customer Id which is the primary key is fetched from the hidden Label control while the Name and Country fields are fetched from their respective Text Boxes and are passed to the Stored Procedure with Action parameter value as “UPDATE”.

Enter the following commands to connect: Many databases, including My SQL, also require that the user permissions name the specific host from which connections are allowed.

Otherwise, when testing the JDBC connection, a connection may not be allowed even though the user name and password are correct.

Is it possible to use a variable as an update parameter in asp.net?

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