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To the irritation of Reid and other campaign officials in Washington, Daschle encouraged Weiland to run, even though his former staffer's unabashedly liberal views make it difficult to win in conservative South Dakota.

Reid even went so far as to proclaim Weiland wasn't "his choice" in the race, dismissing his candidacy.

The state is holding its primaries Tuesday, and they're an afterthought. Mike Rounds is the Republican now on a glide path to the Senate, facing weak opposition in the GOP primary.

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Thune is a near lock for reelection in 2016, Rounds will have one term of service under his belt, and the governor's race won't be on the ballot again until 2018.

Frerichs said she received a standing ovation at the state party's April Mc Govern Day fundraising dinner — an acknowledgment that the state's progressive base is over its antipathy toward her candidacy, even though it's far too late to change the trajectory of the Senate race."Despite being a Democrat, she's well-liked in the state. That would have been a legitimate battle with Rounds," said the Republican strategist with ties to South Dakota.

Besides the fact that Herseth-Sandlin votes solidly with Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats 92% of the time, the bigger problem with Herseth-Sandlin is that she has more entanglements to special interests than most.

You see, she’s not only taking money from special interests, she’s also married to former Democrat Congressman Max Sandlin who, after losing his re-election to Congress, did what a lot of politicians seem to do—became a lobbyist.

"I had several conversations with her, she sounded like a candidate.

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