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“Well, I don’t know how much bus tickets run nowadays but ya might wanna consider saving that money from a down payment on a car.” The young girl laughed. The teen hitchhiker bent back down and poked her head in the car. ” She didn’t tell him where she needed to go, just wanted to know where he was heading. ” She tried hard to keep the enthusiasm out of her voice. She had her long, tan legs tucked up underneath her, her dirty shorts pulled up high and tight across her ass cheeks where Dave could see the start of her tan line. His car swerved again and nearly sped into the other lane. He pulled over onto the side of the dirt road and began taking deep breaths to steady his nerves. Almost did us both, Chloe.” He glanced over at Chloe still sleeping soundly beside him. He quickly looked around for a napkin, a towel, anything to catch his load. Dave released his hold on Chloe’s hand and chest and brought her head forward. She turned around facing him with her eyes closed, the water falling from her face to her underdeveloped chest, over her small tits and off her pink nipples.And judging by her accent he was figgerin’ she’d be happy anywhere west of Georgia. There’s a small town a couple of miles up the road and I figured I’d grab a burger and somethin’ to drink there.” The mention of somethin’ to eat and drink sealed it for the young girl. He sat up a little more and placed the head of his dick against her full lips. Her puffy, bright pink nipples stood out in contrast against her tan tits as the water cascaded over them.

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But today, on the end of his third day in Texas as the sun began setting over the dusty highway he saw a cure for his loneliness. “I didn’t think people did that anymore.” She was kinda impressed when he didn’t look. I go to trade shows and like, Visit peoples’ homes by appointment. Shouldn’t eat too much gas.” Dave leaned down and turned on the car’s air. After about 20 minutes into his favorite trade show story he looked over and noticed that Chloe was dead asleep. His greedy fingers slid up to stroke her soft, small, still developing tits. He ass-cheeks were plump, not quite a bubble butt, with cute little dimples.

It was a flat highway and he saw the hitchhiker from a couple of miles away. She had honey colored hair that shone with the sun behind her. So it’s not really whatcha call ‘Door to door’.” It was taking all of Dave’s will-power not to glance down the young girl’s shirt. ” The teen took a moment to lick her full, pink lips before answering, “I just got done visiting my Gram’ma. Pretty piss-poor place to be a car-jacker,” the teen girl said as she ginned and tucked a long strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. ” Dave drove to a small diner just past the Oklahoma boarder and bought them each a burger with the works and 2 large sodas. Poor little angel must have been starving and looked adorable as she tried to chew her giant mouth-full of burger. Didn’t realize how hungry I was,” Chloe said sheepishly. He usually traveled without it, trying to save on gas but today was turning out to be special. He grabbed the young girl’s soda before she could drop it and wrapped up what was left of her burger. He ran his callused thumb across her hard nipples as he licked his suddenly dry lips. Dave grabbed one of Chloe’s delicate wrists and brought her hand towards his throbbing cock. Her tight slit was nestled between her thighs without a trace of hair.

Story Code: M/f Chloe Moretz: Hitchhiker By Muhabba His name was Dave Foster and he was a traveling vacuum cleaner salesman. “Retail Associate Salesperson” the last seminar he had to attend told him) Basically he travelled around in his hatchback giving live demos of his company’s “Rainbow Lite” vacuum cleaners. He got out of the car and unlocked the outside door to their room. Chloe’s dirty shirt pulled up high and tight on her chest and exposed her tan midsection completely. “I wasn’t figgrin’ on being gone this long so I, um… If ya want you can wear that and after we eat I’ll run your clothes through the wash.” “Thank you, Mr.

He would provide quick demos at trade shows, retail outlets and in peoples’ homes by appointment. He gathered the sleeping girl in his arms and carried her to the bed farthest from the door in their room and laid her down. He could see the pink elastic of her panties peeking out above the waist band of her short shorts. didn’t pack any extra clothes.” Dave didn’t even bother to point out that she should call a parent or her grandmother. Foster.” Chloe’s voice rang out from the bathroom followed by her shirt, bra, jeans, socks and underwear.

But with his busy schedule and driving back and forth he just didn’t seem to have the time for people. You just save up for that car,” Dave said as he watched goose bumps break out over Chloe’s tan thighs and tried not to stare. Foster,” Chloe said as she took another large bite out of her burger. His shaking hands reached over and caressed her bare shoulders, her skin was so soft and warm. Now, from his spot on the bed he could see and angel. Without her boots Chloe was maybe 5’3” with toned, tanned legs.

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