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If you would like us to attend any of your events, we would be happy to share our story. Who knows..might be getting a wedding invitation later this year...

Check out our facebook page Bush Alaska Dog Sled Tour Facebook Page to see some of our latest training videos and how our teams work. Please get with us if you would like a lifetime experience.

Eagle Paws Oleg Margrisso has joined in with beautiful work showing the beauty of our wilderness and the love of our dogs...

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The last part of the journey was very warm, 5º on Saturday, with the snow sticky and melting, patches of open ground on the side of the river. We arrived at Eagle (population 86) at approximately 1.00 pm, local time, ending our journey at Fort Egbert, which is the old army barracks.

The telegraph that Amundsen used at the end of his journey at Eagle, to tell the world that he had navigated the NW Passage, has not been used for years, probably not since 1930’s. We are delighted to report that we have all suffered only mild frostbite on various fingers and toes and that the dogs are well.

It has been interesting and hard but we’ve had good dogs, a good team and the careful planning paid off. March 28 is the culmanation of the dreams of Tim Oakley and Wayne Hall... In Amundsen's Footsteps team the gentlemen and happy dogs have reached the starting point and will arrive in Eagle tomorrow. This will be a team of three people and 22 sled dogs.

The international team of Tim Oakley, Wayne Hall, Graham Burke and Earl Rolf enjoyed time with the community and students of Eagle. The dogs of Bush Alaska Expeditions were just the opposite....energetic and happy. The expedition will be carried out in extreme temperatures in one of the most remote areas left on the planet.

(See Physical Requirements in the next column.) We take no more than 2 clients on any tour unless the client ask for a larger group. The About Us & Blog page has some recent pictures of the ice on the Yukon River after break up. is a well written article written by Dermot Cole of ADN about Matt and his team's victory. Photo by Dermot Cole of the Alaska Dispatch The international team have all gone in different directions and the 22 wonderful dogs of our kennel have settled into some relaxation.

Together dating fort wayne

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