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They can be used to augment study for those taking the Home Study or Online courses, or can be used as a refresher for anyone needing to brush up on basic coastal navigation principles.

These DVDs cover the primary Chapters 1 through 7 of ASAs Coastal Navigation & Piloting #13 text, and are captured from actual classroom sessions including audio stream and video graphics, which have been edited for smoothness and clarity.

devices help us to navigate in all kinds of weather, get updates to charts, navigational aids, tides and currents and to avoid hazards including other boats, but they should always be considered as supplemental information and not as the sole Equally important, todays navigators need to keep in mind the first rule of navigation: never rely on a single source of information for navigation.

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When we receive the completed exam back, our Instructor will grade it and report the results directly to you by email and return your exam papers, chart and calculations by regular mail.

Discussions and review with our Instructor are welcomed if needed to understand your exam results.

The exams may take 4 to 6 hours to complete, and most libraries are happy to proctor the exam.

Some libraries charge a proctoring fee, which will be your responsibility, but those that do not charge will usually appreciate a donation.

Todays navigators should be able to combine traditional instruments and plotting techniques with GPS enabled devices and an ever increasing number of electronic aids (AIS, radar, autopilots, Sirius WX and more) to assist in answering the navigators age-old questions: We will conduct this online class using the Go To Meeting Webinar format where there will be on-screen and audio interaction between Instructor and Students very much like occurs in an actual classroom setting.

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