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Sky OS - a commercial hobbyist operating system developed by Robert Szeleney from 1996. It is mostly POSIX compliant, and comes with many of the GNU utilities, including the very highly rated GCC (GNU Compiler Collection).

Solaris - developed by Sun Microsystems for its SPARC processor and the most widely used proprietary flavor of UNIX.

AIX (Advanced Interactive e Xecutive) - a proprietary (i.e., commercial) flavor (i.e., variant) of UNIX launched by IBM in 1990 for use on its mainframe computers.

MS-DOS - a single-user, single-tasking operating system that uses a command line (i.e., text only) user interface.

It was launched by Microsoft in 1981 and used on the first personal computers, which were introduced by IBM in the same year.

Microsoft Windows encompasses two groups of operating systems (i.e., Windows 95/98/ME/CE and Windows NT/2000/XP) which resemble each other superficially and share compatibility with many of the same application programs but which have very different internal structures.

MINIX - a small, open source UNIX clone that was first released in January 1987.

Be OS has some Unix-like characteristics, including its use of the bash (the default on Linux) command shell and its directory structure, but it was written in entirely new code.

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