Updating church structure

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Preparing for the Council, he used homely phrases like opening windows, and that we are not museum-keepers but gardeners to help things grow. Blessed Pope John’s inspiration, which created a world-wide surge of hope, was completed by his successor Pope Paul VI.

But a small minority – mainly in the Roman Curia – were opposed to the Council from its announcement 50 years ago (25 January 1959) and well beyond its conclusion in 1965.

This problem often arises in design-build situations when various subcontractors supply their own design services, but there is no SER to review the documents that they produce and harmonize them with each other.

It is important that the SER be involved in the project as early as possible, before concepts for architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems have been finalized.

Close coordination among all members of the design team is essential throughout the design process.

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